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Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Long it takes Snails to Eat Paper

As I started out on the morning's walk the other day I noticed this group of garden snails converged on a round paper thing . . . what looked like a lid of some sort to a food container maybe . . . on the sidewalk.  The paper was wet, probably from overspray from the sprinklers in the nearby planter of star jasmine ground cover, also probably the snails' home and shelter.

Nearing home after four miles or about an hour later, the snails had pretty much consumed the paper.


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i didn't even know that snails EAT paper!!! that was pretty cool, thanks!

Bookwyrme said...

Loved this entry.

And I had no idea that they would eat paper!

photobattenberg said...

Hmm... I am sensing a time lapse movie stirring in my head... cool post

Katie Elzer-Peters said...

Hey there! I'm working on a book and I need high-resolution photos of certain insects. I didn't see a way to contact you on your blog, so I'm leaving this comment.

If you're interested (I can pay a licensing fee for each photo), I'd love to talk.

The book is "The Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening" to be published by Cool Springs Press in spring 2012. Please contact me through my website if you're interested.


Ryan M. said...

That is just wild! Hahaha! Nice blog! Would you mind checking mine out?

Anonymous said...

sept 27 i'm missing your posts!
hope all is going well for you.

vanessa cardui said...

All's well just took a break for some busy time.
Thanks for checking in Cynthia.