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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flowers for Suki

I planted a scrawny nearly dead twig of a brugmansia in the disturbed soil next to my dog's grave last autumn and this is what is has become.

This was my mom's plant that was sidelined in a pot in my yard for awhile until she found a new place to live (my mom that is).  Mom's new patio really wasn't spacious enough for an Angel Trumpet, so the potted plant stayed with me.  It wasn't until I wanted to use the pot for something else that I decided to plop the brug into the ground . . . I really wasn't that into the plant and figured it would die anyway.

It has repaid that backhanded kindness with a cascade of flowers.  We fondly call them Suki flowers after the dog . . . she was also white and odorous.

This tiny katydid is stepping out to take on a giant flower.  These guys love to eat holes in flowers.

There is also a mantis lurking around the flowers waiting to catch the unaware bee or maybe that katydid when it has gotten a bit larger.  At one point she was standing guard over a hole in the sepals, hoping something tasty would emerge no doubt.

Sometimes she retreats back into the shrubbery or takes up a position at the crossroads of brugmansia stems.

The brugmansia has been in bloom for two weeks now.  It's almost done with its heroic display; many shriveled blooms hang limp from the stems and bulbous pods begin to form and I thank it for its tribute to both my dog and its own tenacity and for creating a place for life in what was a empty spot in the garden.

RIP Suki


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Suki, under your lovely flowers,
and also Keeper, JJ, Dodie, Bingo and Doobie who are resting up our back hill, under a beautiful old oak tree.

(btw, Doobie was named by my teenage daughters before I knew what the word really means. Ha Ha Mom!)

jo said...

I love the way you capture the images of flowers and insects, can't wait for Spring, you've motivated me to get the camera out, thank you for sharing.