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Monday, February 06, 2012


I was busy the other day so I missed out on the news coverage of whatever the groundhog saw, and the folksy predictions of more or less winter weather.  Our winter here in So Cal has been and continues to be warm, windy and dry.  Almost not a winter and now of course, winter's over if you follow the old reckonings with Feb 1 marking the first day of spring.

Just now I looked over some pictures taken the last time it rained around here (Jan 21) of the not-winter garden and realized it did look pretty bare; wintery in a frost free kind of way.  So in celebration of not-winter's passing and whatever my resident opossum (Didelphis virginiana) may have seen the other day (we don't have Marmota monax in these parts) with her poor eyesight, here are scenes from a winter garden.

In order of appearance:
Colony of Aphis nerii on milkweed stem
Flower of Aloe plicatilis a cool plant that I'm looking forward to enjoying in its older age
Stem of asparagus setaceus twining up a fennel twig

Water drops on reemerging stems of Sedum telephium 'Autumn joy'

An alar oleander aphid among many wingless siblings
Water drops on a leaf of African milkbush, Euphorbia bicompacta

A pepper that did not get harvested but instead ripened on the bush

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