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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From the Many, One

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Cal Poly pumpkin fest in search of, what else, pumpkins.
Out of the huge field of pumpkins available

I am happy to say we found the One Perfect Pumpkin:

And took some mostly-perfect ones home as well.

Happy Halloween to you all,
Long Live Halloween,
and remember this year and every year

No Xmas B4 Halloween.

Thank you and have a great Halloween.


Anonymous said...

I was also hoping for Thanksgiving b4 Christmas but suppose that's being too unrealistic. The blitz begins!

vanessa cardui said...

Yeah, the halloween milestone has passed and Starbucks brings out the holiday cups and eggnog latte. CVS has santas by the dozen in the window--has had for 2 weeks. Roger's Gardens is lights + stars up the ying yang. I don't know about malls . . . don't actually go to them. But I still hope we can have a bit of Festivus cheer B4 $$mas.