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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Year End Spider Photo Dump

Lots of photos left on the jump drive from 2012;
arachnid edition:

A phidippus audax having fun among the succulents and cacti: possibly the same individual seen between chubby leaves of Pachyphytum oviferum, and then a few days later perched among the variegated opuntia spines.  Note to aspiring bug photographers:  pay close attention to the location of your elbow while shooting subjects involving opuntia.

I inherited a sweet little house from my sister in mid-summer

and found it came with an existing tenancy:  This spider.

One morning in late summer a wee jumping spider made an appearance on a morning glory flower.

An orb weaver, Metepeira sp, took up residence above the big pot with the morning glories as well.  Her web and little hut made of flower parts and random fluff hung about eye height to a short person so I had a great view of her all summer.  The top photo of this post is her on the web; the following find her in the hut and a view of the hut's position relative to her orb web.

Happy spider hunting in the coming year.

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