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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock Moth Cellphone

We were shopping for rocks, and had settled on the small Three Rivers boulders for this particular project.  Upon closer inspection found this White lined sphinx moth (Hyles lineata) on the face of what could seem a largish boulder to the moth.  As we picked further through the boulders, another moth was found.  We were all enthusiastic about our find and took these cellphone pictures.  The rock yard man, driver of the forklift, was not too excited but he did a fine job of loading our boulders.

Are Three Rivers boulders especially attractive to these moths?  Or maybe the rock yard man's indifference was due to a general abundance of moths among all the rocks.  We may never know; we took our pix and our rocks and left.


biobabbler said...

White-lined sphinx moths are jaw droppers to me. SO big and beautiful. Congrats! And I hope they are all fine. =)

Anonymous said...

One of my very favorites too. Nobody beats Nature for incredible design!