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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Chair-lotte's Web?

I found an unusual web on the back of a patio chair the other day.
Some Chair!

The chair, which I am planning to restrap, was stored in a back room indoors.  When we brought it out into the light, the web was revealed.  I couldn't find a spider in residence, though there were a few small (+/- .25") shed spider skins and some dessicated prey.

I also haven't been able to find any image of a web that resembles this, especially the double-strand zigzag motif.  Aside from the fictional weavings of Charlotte, the closest thing is images of the webs of drugged spiders, part of a couple of experiments on the effects of various drugs on spiders.  The caffeine- and chloral hydrate-induced webs bear a glancing similarity.  Where would the spider lurking in a dusty back room get caffeine or a Mickey Finn?

I'm going to have another look for the spider; meanwhile . . . Anyone ever seen a web like this?


Cindy said...

While I can't provide an ID, I can say I've seen that kind of web. My sister moved up near San Francisco last summer, and when I visited her, she made a point of showing me these webs around her apartment building and the surrounding neighborhood. Unfortunately, we never did see any of the spiders that made them.

vanessa cardui said...

San Francisco?

Anonymous said...

Probably not your web because the chair was stored inside, but a few years ago our old flat dark wood fence was covered with what we thought were weird spider webs but they turned out to be threads of disintegrated plastic that had covered treated agricultural fields.

Simone Felic said...

lindo seu cantinho.