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Monday, February 13, 2006

one egg in a soft fuzzy world

I don't have a macro lens for my new camera yet, so it's hard to focus on really tiny creatures like this one lacewing egg. Still, I take some photos of tiny things in order to log in the presence of species and life stages as they appear. Does every egg hatch; will every hatchling survive? No. This egg may be the extent of this particular lacewing's life. Or he may hatch and climb down the egg stalk onto the arbutus leaf there and get snapped up by one of the friendly neighborhood spiders. The fuzzy focus in this picture reminds me that the little world I live in is a work in progress, with a lot of its details hidden in a fog of unawareness or unripeness; with energy and mass coalescing and dissipating like the fog; with a tiny egg on a delicate stalk on a smallish tree in a not so big yard waiting for its defining moment of focus to occur.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Pure poetry.