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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dragonfly, Gift-boxed

This very cool carved marble box decorated with dragonflies was a gift from my son. He got it in southeast asia, where he reports the real dragonflies are abundant and fly around in colorful swarms. Dragonflies are an ancient group of insects, perhaps the first to have developed the ability and equipment to fly. We honor their acheivement by flying home with odonate treasures tucked into our bag, like succulent summer prey held secure in the basket of the dragonfly's legs as it flies to its high perch.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy the fact that you placed the box on top of an ad for old family photos when the box is from your son... in a way ironic?

vanessa cardui said...

I had photocopied a flyer for 8mm-to-DVD conversion service, then placed it on the bookshelf by the front door to remind me to give it to my sister. Later the box was placed there too because it looks good with the yellow top of the shelf. I admit to a bit of irony in positioning the box just so on the flyer for the photo, but it was a mostly spontaneous setting!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Dragonflies are such useful animals too. There is no better defense against mosquitos!