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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

An Assassin Brightly

Long ago in the beginnings of this blog (hehe: over a whole year ago!!) I wrote this post about the identification of assassin bugs found in my garden. To make a long story short, I still don't know the species, or even for sure the genus (Zelus? Pselliopus?). I have since had the opportunity to see very young nymphs of what I assume are the same species. These are brick red, as are the newly hatched nymphs of some other assassin bug species. Just one more clue.

(What adaptive advantage do ya think that gives very tiny, kind of helpless little predators to be so brightly colored they stand out among the foliage?)

Anyway, here is another assassin bug, sort of a companion to the post before this one. This was taken early in the morning when the light was soft and buttery so it flowed around the blooms, buds and leaves of the Pandorea jasminoides completely and resulted in this kind of overexposed, sweet hereafter scene. This adult assassin is feeding on a green bottle fly, by the way.

And, if anyone happens to know what species this bug is, feel free to leave a comment . . . .

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