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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hop and roll

I was in the kitchen making lunch when Paul the strong and valiant brushed this leafhopper off of the back of my green tee shirt. The little fellow, siphanta acuta, must have mistook me for a leaf while I was walking through the yard. When it got brushed off my back, it jumped and landed on the paper towel roll. Then, some stuff happened and we just forgot about it as we went about our day. Later in the afternoon, my daughter was using paper towels to clean the windows of the car and pointed out the bug which was still clinging to the roll of towels. "Look, a leafhopper," she said. Wow, was I impressed by her command of insect taxonomy. This little one has a damaged wing, which may be why it was so reluctant to leave the safety of first my shirt, then the towels. I watched it hop from the towel roll onto the driveway, then crawl along the expansion joint into the nearby planter. Good luck with that, little leafhopper.

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