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Monday, March 12, 2007

A little early for smoke and xylocopa, yes?

Hot. Dry. Windy. Smell of smoke in the air. I ran the sprinkler all morning, moving it from spot to spot every hour or so. The drops of water felt good on my face as the early March sun, floating in the cloudless sky an hour further east than my cell phone says it should be, beat down on my confused head. Damn daylight savings time.

Anyway, I was moving the hose in the back yard from the solanum to the salvia when the sound of buzzing overhead--at least 70 decibels worth!--made me duck for cover. There were two male carpenter bees cruising the crown of the fairy duster tree, apparently staking out territory. I watched them restlessly shift positions for a little while, then I had to go. Later on, I heard another one in the front yard making the prostanthera his own! Sure, I have seen a few of the female xylocopa varipunctata nectaring, but seeing 3 golden males in one early March afternoon seems like a carpenter bee bonanza. The third one made me and my slow camera look foolish until I got lucky enough to snap this photo.

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