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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lynx Spider Cozy

First green lynx (peucetia viridans) egg sac of the season, and it's a nice one. I love the way this spider mother has curled the solanum pyracanthum leaf over to form a little womb-like space like a 60's hanging egg chair for herself and her young 'uns, offering further proof that art (or even craft) does not imitate life: life is art, but you've got to be crafty to live it.

The nest is surrounded by spines on the leaves and stems, as if to ward off potential botherers-of-the-nest, while the porcupine tomato plant draws in a good assortment of stink bug nymphs, young juicy grasshoppers, flies and other tasty tidbits for the spider to eat.

btw: this is the spider who later was given the nickname Sputnik. In this photo, it looks like she has five legs. She gradually moved the egg sack from what seemed here to be such a cozy spot to a more exposed position higher up on a nearby salvia. Note to self: Never suppose to read a spider's mind.

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