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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Mexico #5

Datura was growing around the lodgings where we stayed in Abiquiu, obviously planted there as ornamentals by the owner. As we sat outside and ate, we pursued a lively discussion of whether the plant is native to the area, its deleterious effects upon the fools who fool around with it, whether those very large things that flew by our heads and onto the huge flowers were bats or moths or Pegasi, how far the moon had traveled to the left of Arcturis and Jupiter since the previous evening, and why is it that you can see so many satellites moving quickly across the night sky when we thought the most useful satellites would be geosyncronous. Oh there's a meteorite! Later on the next morning, the bees had taken over for the moths (not bats) visiting the datura blossoms. This bee would go down into the flower's tube, come back out, stand on the lip of the trumpet under the stamens and do a weird buzzing, gyrating dance kind of thing, then fly off.

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