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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Still Life With Mantis, and Not So Still

The young mantises are growing. I found one flattened against the south wall of the house, maybe seeking warmth in the meager sunlight or just resting on its quest for more insects to eat. This individual was about 3/4" long; notice the abdomen that is straight, not curled, and the striped legs.

This second mantis nymph was sighted among the faded feverfew flowers and initially caught my eye because of the weird appearance of its head. Later I realized I was seeing the underside of the mandible there, not an unusually shaped dark eye in a strange place. This little one was moving quickly in the bright sunshine; about 3/8" long, green colored, with a curled abdomen and again the striped legs.

It scurried off into the shrubberies before I could get a decent picture.

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