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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cal Poly Pumpkin Fest #2: The Dragonfruit

We followed the signs that said "corn maze" past the game booths and the bratwurst stand all the way to the edge of the campus where the corn was growing tall, when the offspring noticed some more interesting plants growing across a nearby hill.  We decided to climb the hill and investigate.

Growing on rows of sturdy 4x4 trellises were distinctly cactusy plants (look like Christmas cactus but much bigger) with bright pink fruits on them.  Dragonfruit, we whispered. 

Aside from having had dragonfruit flavored drinks, I've never eaten one.  The farm store at the college has fruits for sale as well as plants in several varieties (white flesh, pink flesh, etc).

Many of the fruits had been eaten away by ants, some in the process of being devoured.  We were thinking the ants must take advantage of an opening (another animal, bruising, etc) in the fruit's tough skin to get inside.  Once they do get through the skin, the ants completely hollow out the fruits.

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