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Friday, November 04, 2011


The big scary spider (Neoscona crucifera) seen earlier in this previous post is today hunkered in the sparse protection of a dried up Cestrum newellii stem.  Because it's raining and there's no point in building the web, no warm sunshine to bask in while waiting for a passing bee, no bees (or flies for that matter) out anyway in the more or less continuous drip of the day.

I like the rain but I have a roof that only has one teensy leak; I also have a big pile of firewood, a gas heater, lots of blankets and warm soup to sip.

Meanwhile an old lawn mower collects drips

and an old wind chime catches a sunbeam during a break in the rain.  How does the spider's exoskeleton measure up to the iron indifference of these objects to the cold and wet?


Bookwyrme said...

I love these pictures. Poor, shivering Neoscona!

That's the sad thing about this weather. It's refilling Talbert Lake, but it's going to freeze the spiders :(

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

great shots!! poor spider...just trying to make it through another day...

vanessa cardui said...

Well the sun came back out and the spider is back in her web . . . the winter's cold will eventually catch up with her but for now she's hangin' in there.