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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Saints and other Spooky Creatures

Almost time to take down and pack up the Halloween for another dark year in storage in the dusty attic.
But not before a few pictures of this year's haunt.  Top of this post is the garden Bruja, conjuring up a spiralling stem of red Vitis californica leaves.  Then in no particular order:

two jack-o-lanterns

Raggedy Andy in an altered state

a very realistic but fake Rat obtained at a yard sale in the merry month of May

a baby doll head

                               big scary plastic fly
                                     (species undetermined, possibly sarcophaga sp.)

Sir Knight


tarantula in the corn stalks

and last but never least Saint Francis and his pumpkin friend by night and by day.


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

VERY cool and creepy!! the altered raggedy andy and garden bruja especially loved!!

vanessa cardui said...

Thanks Laura, we do love Halloween. It embodies the spirit of the senescent garden so well.

Bridgets_perfect_world said...

wow the pictures of the bee's are amazing! check out my blog-

Anonymous said...

Hey, some really nice work here. Love your closeups.