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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gardeners are the Funnest People, eh?

'Public order offence': The council has ordered that this bush carved into the shape of an offensive hand gesture in Richard Jackson's garden be altered after a complaint from a neighbour

Here's a fun news bit from the Brits about a man who is getting heat over his expressive topiary artistry.  

I think:
1.  Middle aged gardeners tend to be the most subversive lot, only becoming less so as they age due to back and knee problems.
2.  I really dislike that when the authorities come around with a problem about one's garden but won't disclose who the complainer is.
3.  Southern California needs more topiaries!  I was driving in Anaheim the other day; at the corner of State College and Ball Road is a gas station with lush landscaping replete with animal-shaped shrubbery.  It made me smile even in the face of $4 plus per gallon petrol.

Thanks to dirt du jour for pointing the finger toward this article.


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