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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You Everything

So it's Thanksgiving Day, and as much as I like eating turkey in general, I made no plans to slave in the kitchen cooking a feast.  Got some taters to mash and a pre-cooked turkey breast, add salad, voila:  thanks very much for the easy dinner.  And no, I have no plans to queue up for shopping tonight.

I did get up early though:  needed to start soaking birch twigs . . . more on this later.  Took our usual walk this morning:  just another typical glorious southern CA fall day.  Found a gob of toyon berries, red grape leaves along the trail and brought them home for decorations.  Pit stop at the coffee shop along the way for a bite: thanks for being open!

Met up with the munchkin for wreath making (involving the now very flexible birch twigs) and a chat.  I kept wandering around the garden and bringing clippings of dried things, berries, etc to add to it, including a super attractive grasshopper exuvia but my daughter is more of a minimalist and wisely chose only some of my offerings and so her wreath turned out really nice.

Shot the breeze with the neighbors.  Mr Cardui washed the daughter's car, then cleared up the headlight lenses with that stuff you see on TV.  Really works!  He then had a go at the neighbor's car's lights and it was amazing.  Everyone was suitably impressed.

Did a bit of work (you know, that stuff we do for money?) which involved driving on the delightfully lightly trafficked freeways.  Day continues to be outstanding, weather-wise.

Listened to music, including the CD my son's band made back in 1998.  Emailed the family. Lit a fire in the woodstove, ate the turkey and taters, and watched (again) Avatar.  We saw this in the theater when it first came out around Christmas, and I guess that reminded us of Thanksgiving.

Couldn't wish for a better day.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed sharing your lovely mellow Thanksgiving day. Mine was the usual over-busy and over-stuffed. Cynthia

Anonymous said...

I accidentally deleted this nice comment, so here it is copied off the translator I was using:

é mais fácil preparar algo que seja gostoso mas que não escravize na cozinha , você tem razão. beijos