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Monday, August 17, 2015

Leucophyllum in Crazy Bloom

Next to the front porch our Texas Ranger, leucophyllum frutescens, is blooming large.
This drought hardy plant needs little water, can survive our average summer without supplemental irrigation, 
but the surprisingly substantial rain we had a month ago seems to have ramped up the flower bud production way beyond normal.  Leucophyllum usually blooms late summer but this year is ridiculous in its bounty.

In Texas, some refer to their state flower as the 'Barometer bush', due to its response to increased humidity and/or summer rain with eye-popping flower production.  Some say the buds often burst open before the rain, serving as a weather prediction.  

Our ranger is covered in blooms right now, I thought because of the soaking it got last month.  But maybe rain's on the way.  Eventually?  Meanwhile, it makes a pleasant bower where it meets up with the Acacia iteaphylla over our front porch entrance.  As they age, the flowers drop off and sprinkle the walk below, and anything else that happens to be there like our concrete fawn.

Bees love it, and many early mornings their loud buzzing greets us as we step under the bower and begin our day.  

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bower! I want one for my bees. Cynthia