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Monday, December 25, 2006

Solstice Bug Count Addendum

It was sunny today and much warmer (80 F) than it was on the official bug count day so I thought I would have another look. And these are the additional species I noticed:

*One small quick bug on a geranium leaf, looks like the Meat Eating Myrid pictured on PJ Bryant's site.

*I heard crickets,
Acheta domesticus, chirping but did not see them.

*One adult female Schistocerca nitens missing her right hind leg.

*Some (4 or so) honeybees, Apis mellifera were cruising predictably among the salvia flowers, but also checking the broom corn seed heads maybe for pollen.

*A tiny bug I j
ust caught a glimpse of but looked very much like a Minute Pirate Bug.

*Several adult and a few nymphs that hang out on the nutmeg basil. They look like the Seed-eating bug, Nysius sp, again found at PJ Bryant's Natural History of Orange County site.

*One lonesome looper caterpillar

*and a Marine blue, Leptoles marium, floated in to wish you a happy Christmas.

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