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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Days Spider Fest #3/Juan's Aeonium #4

The ancients knew it was the dog days when the dog star, Sirius, rose at the same time as the sun. I guess a long time ago this was from July 3 through August 11, and supposedly the star's heat and some mystical power made life hot, humid and miserable for humans in the northern hemisphere. It's still hot in July, but according to info in the old farmer's almanac the risings no longer coincide at those dates due to precession of the earth's axis changing the relative position of the star. Nonetheless, tradition and the general nature of things continue on. July 3, 2007 was a very hot day here in Tustin, a dog hot day, and this spider (could be a ghost spider, anyphaena) was caught basking in the shade of Juan's aeonium.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting useful info and nice pictures.I wonder could you share as to what kind of lenses you used for the spider & insect pictures