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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dog Days Spider Fest #4

I think I am an accommodating host to the insects that live in my garden; I grow a big variety of plants for them to eat; I delay trimming until it seems they have reproduced or moved on; I don't get bummed out if my flowers have a few holes in them. But, I know it's the dog days of summer when the plants are starting to look so tattered, I just have to cut down on the amount of chewing going on. So I decided to do a daily sweep of my Uncarina roeoesliana, whose beautiful downy oak-leaf shaped leaves are looking more like swiss cheese. I picked one medium-sized caterpillar off of the underside of a leaf, and tossed it into a nearby watering can on impulse. Surprise: the caterpillar got caught, suspended in the unseen web of this pholcus phalangiodes. The daddy longlegs spider quickly wrapped its victim in silk, and soon carried the package off into the darker hidden recesses of its watering can world, where it presumably enjoyed its meal in cool quiet solitude.

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