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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pale green lynx before and after

This green lynx spider has chosen the tops of a milkweed plant as her nesting spot. As the seed pods turned tan, then split revealing the white comas (hairy stuff on the brown seeds), the spider become very pale in color to match her immediate surroundings. She is gravid, very large and about to produce her egg sac.

The next photo shows her after the egg sac is produced, her abdomen much diminished in size. Since the second photo was taken, she has gained girth in her abdomen, and as with Sputnik, I'm beginning to wonder if these spiders will be putting out two egg sacs this year.


Anonymous said...

I currently have a very pregnant Green Lynx lying on my rose bush. Would she attack while I clean the bush from dried leaves and old buds? The bush needs its maintenance and I am reluctant to come near the Lynx, I would never kill a spider unless it is venomous so in this case I would like to preserve the antrhopod. Please Help!

vanessa cardui said...

I have never been attacked or even threatened by one of these spiders. These gals tend to choose one of the highest branches on a shrub for their nest. They hang out there for days getting fatter and fatter, and the area gets messy with dried leaves, webbing, etc. If she has not yet produced her egg sac, you have a chance to do your trimming. Keep your eye on the spider. Lynx spiders are not known to be aggressive or dangerous but any spider bite should be taken seriously. If you're nervous use garden gloves. Maybe you can clip the twig she is on and gently move her aside or to a nearby shrub while you finish your work.

If she has already produced her egg sac, you can trim and clean around, again keeping an eye on the spider. I have clipped a branch with a lynx nest and moved it lower in the shrubbery successfully. These spiders do in fact move their egg sacs as they incubate, so I think if this is done with care it probably isn't too stressful for the spider.

Reminder: if you are bit by a spider you should take it seriously and treat the bite as directed by medical professionals.