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Thursday, February 28, 2008


About this time of the year I am actually quite tired of the camellias. Sure, they're beautiful but they've been blooming nonstop since November for Pete's sake and they are dangerously close to salmon in color and now they are of course dropping from the trees with a vengeance and so I wasn't displeased to see these sowbugs (Species?) chomping on this faded fallen blossom, doing their utmost to convert the scourge of deep pink petals into comfortable brown humus; which goes with everything and of which one rarely tires of in the garden.

*sigh* brown, which reminds me of course of the brown rot spores freely falling from the camellia petals and my duty to clean the fallen blossoms up (Good Garden Sanitation Can Prevent the Spread of Brown Rot) soon yess soon I will get to that again, and yet again until the last blossoms are gone and the sowbugs have moved on. By the time November rolls around and it's camellia blooming season I'll be glad I did my part to protect them, because my camellia trees in blossom are really beautiful, you know?

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