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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caught with my Posts Down

Inexcusable to have not posted anything since the 15th! This being summer, even an unusually cool and cloudy one, there is lots of insect action going on. So, underneath/"before" this post are a series of The Second 1/2 of June posts for your summer reading enjoyment, arranged in no particular order since most of these photos were taken on the solstice.

This time of year, time kind of holds still for a bit with the sun riding high and the crickets chirruping; like a high fly ball that seems to hang in the air until almost before you notice, it picks up speed and hits you in the head in the deep outfield. So let's pretend I kept the blog up on a daily basis instead of lolling around in a mid-economic slowdown, mid-summer stupor waiting to get whacked by a falling object.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

missed you but hoping you were busy enjoying your summer.

btw- i can't find anything on the page that says 'before'.