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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Later, among the Potted Insects

So I was taking the visiting drop kick dog out to the back forty for his constitutional, looking around in a bleary-eyed way and noticed this incredibly cool plume moth posturing on a firestick branch growing in a mixed succulent pot. Wow, how's that for an early morning eye-opener?

As I was crouched down to photograph the moth, I noticed an even better catch: a young katydid of a different species posing photogenically on a cactus in the same pot. This could be microcentrum rhombifolium, broad-winged katydid. It is definitely not the typical (for my garden) scudderia furcata.

Two in one pot, now where did the dog get to?


biobabbler said...

1. That moth is a-MA-zing! I've never seen anything like that.
2. Is is me, or do katydids always look friendly and cheerful? SO cute.

Pat said...

Nice looking! Thanks for sharing. We surely are amazed at insects' intelligence.

Cindy said...

P. nana katydids. I'm working with Peter Bryant to get some pictures of them on his website. I think, even among the "real" entomology people, some bugs can be mis-identified or simply overlooked because there are just so many bugs and one person's interest may not be on anyone else's radar.

Also, I agree that katydids are very cute :)