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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the adventure of young scudderia furcata

Right now I'm not tiny but I'm also not very large.  I was tiny when I hatched from an egg inside the edge of a leaf.  After that I started eating the leaf and other leaves like it.  I grew, things got tight, and then my outer covering split open.  I stepped out in a new skin and started eating more leaves and some flowers.  The skin splitting keeps happening but I can't stop eating.  As I mentioned I'm not too large, so I need to continue eating.

Today the wind blew me onto this unappetizing milkweed plant.  A noisy black thing hovered in the space above me for awhile then went away. 

I hopped away in search of good leaves and flowers to eat.

1 comment:

Ontario Wanderer said...

Nice to see young insects eating green. It will be a couple of months before that happens here in southern Ontario.