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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Perfect Day for Snailomotion


It was a slow day in Tustin today, rainy and not much doing.  So I had time to observe snail locomotion in the mist.  This one was traversing the top of the fence.

One thing I learned is I really need to paint the fence.


Cindy said...

This is a great series of pics :)

Bookwyrme said...

I love these.

Christine said...

What a great series, but I have to admit there's part of me that's screaming, "AAAAhhh, snail!! Squish it, squish it before it procreates in my lettuces!"

vanessa cardui said...

Snails are remarkable creatures, I admire their architecture and movement . . . but these garden snails reproduce relentlessly and damage my plants so some, the few I see, must go.

I do feel a little bad; this snail was flung into the street where it's quite possible a crow ate it or a car ran it over.



Anonymous said...

I love this series of photos. And it had how many? 20 more? fence pickets to go! Wonder if they ever run out of slime.

I think snails look like ocean-going ships sailing silently along.