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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Distress

So I was heading toward the back jungle to spritz a few things with water on a recent hot afternoon, when I was delighted to see a bright blue damselfly perched on a sprig of crassula pruinosa.  A tiny jade perch for a small odonata.

Damselflies are related to dragonflies, but differ in being smaller overall and damselflies hold their wings parallel above the body when at rest.

I was excited because this was a first viewing of this species on the old homestead here.  Based on photos at Natural History of OC I have concluded this must be a mature male Argia vivida, common name Vivid dancer.  I also checked out info at bugguide, and found the link to Odonata Central . . . to quote the Stephen Cresswell at bugguide:  Prepare to be amazed by this resource.  Don't fail to check out the mapping function.

This vivid dancer was accommodating as a model in the bright afternoon sunshine.  He took up several different perching positions as I snapped photos, and seemed completely non-distressed by my presence.


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Lovely shot!