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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Katydid for your Viewing Pleasure

I flushed this katydid out of a plant I brushed by this morning on my way down the driveway.  He landed not far away on the concrete next to our big old furniture dolly.  I took a look, saw he was quite a handsome orthopteran, and ran to get my camera (nuts! no Google Glass?)

Anyway, in spite of my feeble technology, the katydid had stuck around and so I got some nice urban-flavored photos of this adult male forktailed bush katydid (scudderia furcata) in a particularly good-looking brown color variation.

As seen in this sideview, the antennae of the forktailed bush katydid is longer than his body; hence the sub-order Ensifera (long-horned orthoptera) in which katydids along with crickets are classified.  

Often insects are ultimately identified to species by the appearance of genitalia: here is everything you need to know about species scudderia.